India in general, and Kerala in particular is one of the noisiest places in the world.  Noise pollution has grave social, emotional and health effects.  High-level noise causes increase in blood pressure, diabetes, can precipitate asthmatic attacks, giddiness, tinnitus (humming sound in the ear), deafness, etc.  I.M.A,  Kerala and A.O.I,  Kerala are starting an awareness campaign called National Initiative for Safe Sound (NISS) with the help of prominent public personalities and NGOs, who are committed to this mission.  The main objective is to educate the public on the ill effects of noise pollution and the precautions we should take to prevent those effects.


NISS is registered as a non-profitable society. The programmes of this society includes:

  • Organizing Youth Awareness Campaigns with the support of Student Police Cadets and teachers
  • Publishing information booklets on noise pollution for public awareness
  • Broadcasting awareness programmes on TV, movie and social media
  • Conducting seminars in associationwith  residents’ associations, trade unions,  NGOs, etc.
  • Providing helpline and legal support to victims of noise pollution